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7 Best Soundproof Carpets and Flooring Materials For Your Home

carpets and flooring

Introduction (Carpets and Flooring)

Soundproofing is the key design consideration for almost every building that is residential or commercial to reduce the disturbance that can be caused by noise. Therefore, the selection of soundproof flooring materials is important for a good sound treatment. When the noise is made within the building, it can either be absorbed by the materials present in the building or by reflecting with the walls. For this purpose, different carpets and flooring materials can be used, which are discussed in this article as there are plenty of excellent options.

SPC Flooring

spc flooring in Dubai

SPC flooring has been continuously upgraded within the past few years from the common thickness or a denser one. The reason for the denser thickness of SPC flooring is that the manufacturers add 1 – 2 mm of sound-absorbing underlayment to the base layer. The addition of this sound-proof underlayment has pleasant feelings on the foot, noise absorption, and noise reduction effect. Hence, the overall floor thickness is increased. The best SPC flooring supplier from which you can get SPC flooring is (

Thick Flooring Sheet

thick vinyl flooring sheet

Mass-loaded floor sheet is the perfect option for the soundproofing flooring material that can be employed in your home, as it has a high density. The roll is 4ft wide, 50ft long, and ½ inch thick. It weighs around half a pound per square foot, which means this role is around 100 lbs. These dimensions are enough to cover most floors, but the measurements are easily altered for bigger rooms. It hardly adds any depth to your carpet and is easy enough to lay by yourself or by professionals. One roll should be enough for most rooms.

Wood Floor

wood floor

Another better option for soundproofing your home is to underlay a soundproof layer on your floor. The plywood is placed directly into your subfloor with glue. This can be beneficial in creating a more stable surface for your floor. In this wood flooring type, the entire floor is removed and replaced by the soundproof wood. Full soundproofing can be more expensive than laying the impact sound reduction membrane and it is also superior in noise reduction.

Foam Mat Floor Tiles

Foam Mat Floor Tiles

The tiles are made from lightweight EVA foam, which is good at absorbing sound and noise impact. They’re also water resistant and provide an extra protective layer for your flooring. The tiles have an interlocking design and are non-slip, so you shouldn’t have any safety concerns.

The company also makes foam tiles designed to sit over the carpet, which do the same job. The interlocking design makes them easy to lay, and they’re also easy to store. These tiles do a great job of absorbing sound waves and impact vibrations and are a good option for soundproofing your home.

Neoprene Carpets

Neoprene Carpets

Neoprene is similar in structure to EVA foam, but it is more spongy. This means it does a great job at absorbing impact noise and is suitable for laying under floors. At around 0.7mm thick it won’t make that much difference to the floor. While this might not sound like much, it makes up for its lack of thickness in its density.

The reason neoprene is used for wetsuits is that it’s an excellent insulator of heat, and this is also true for sound waves. It is relatively like mass-loaded vinyl, to install it you simply unroll it. You shouldn’t need to secure the neoprene down, as the weight of the floor will be enough to keep it flat. It is flexible enough to lie flat when it’s unrolled.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

The popularity of vinyl floors is growing in the flooring industry. Vinyl floors have a foam-backing design and flexible material, making them a great sound absorber. In this type of flooring the rubber is placed as the underlayment, after setting the subfloor, vinyl flooring is placed over it that has the significant capacity to absorb noise. In your bedroom after vinyl flooring, the carpet comes as an option as these floors are good enough but if you add the carpets it acts as a further sound barrier.

Sisal Carpets

Sisal Carpets

Sisal carpets are made up of the fibers of the sisal plant which is native to Mexico but cultivated all across the world. The natural fibers of sisal carpets are highly durable, and elegant having remarkable sound-absorbing properties. When sisal carpets are used as the flooring materials, it can significantly reduce the noise transmission from one room to another. One of the reasons for soundproofing is that sisal carpets are dense and have a tightly woven structure that effectively absorbs the sound waves and can absorb the airborne waves.


In the end, by using these carpets and flooring options in your home, you can significantly reduce the effect of noise from outside and even from one room to another. These options could be the best for absorbing the atmospheric sound entering your home and preventing transferring the sound from one place to another place in the home. To summarize all these the carpets and flooring are the crucial need for soundproofing your home.

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