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8 Best Vinyl Flooring Patterns for Your Floors

vinyl flooring

Picking new floors can make any room look brand new. Vinyl floors are a top choice for many people. They last long, are easy to clean, and come in many colors and designs. Choosing the right pattern is important if you’re considering installing vinyl floors at home.

The pattern you choose should match the style of the room. Below, we will talk about 8 great vinyl floor patterns. These popular designs can help you find the perfect room vinyl floors. Whether you like the look of wood, tile, or concrete, there is a vinyl floor to fit your decor. Learn about vinyl flooring ideas that could work in your home. To explore these options further, visit

Top 8 Best Vinyl Flooring Designs & Patterns

1. Wood Look Plank Vinyl

Wood Look Plank Vinyl

Wood-look plank vinyl mimics the appearance of real hardwood floors with less maintenance. The planks come in widths ranging from 3″ to 8″ wide to replicate traditional hardwood floors. You can choose from light, natural wood tones like oak or maple and darker woods like cherry or walnut. The synthetic planks are waterproof and scratch-resistant, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Wood-look vinyl works well in rustic, farmhouse, or traditional rooms.

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2. Stone Look Tile Vinyl

Stone Look Tile Vinyl

Recreate the elegant look of stone tile with stone-look vinyl flooring. These vinyl tiles mimic natural stone patterns such as travertine, slate, and marble. Stone-look tiles come in earthy neutrals, bold blacks, blues, and grays. Use large format tiles, 12″ x 24″ or larger, to get the full impact of the stone aesthetic. This pattern works especially well in entryways, kitchens, and baths. The tiles are waterproof and easy to clean.

3. Concrete Look Vinyl

Concrete Look Vinyl

For modern industrial interiors, consider concrete-look vinyl flooring. The tiles or planks have a muted gray finish that emulates poured concrete floors. Opt for a subtle speckled pattern, or choose one with faint cracks and grout lines for a more authentic look. Concrete-look floors pair nicely with other industrial elements like exposed ductwork, stainless steel appliances, and factory-style lighting. The minimalist color palette keeps the space feeling airy and open.

4. Geometric Vinyl Tile Patterns

Make a bold geometric statement with patterned vinyl tile floors. Hexagons, diamonds, circles, and zig-zag shapes can add eye-catching style to contemporary spaces. Look for vinyl tile collections with multiple coordinating colors that allow you to create custom designs. Geometric patterns work best in open-concept spaces and small rooms, where the repeating shapes will feel manageable. Have fun mixing and matching shapes and colors.

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5. Distressed Wood Look Vinyl Plank

Distressed Wood Look Vinyl Plank

Consider distressed wood look luxury vinyl plank wood flooring for a reclaimed wood aesthetic. These planks replicate aged hardwood with varying degrees of distressing. Subtle patterns show wormholes, knots, and natural grain, while heavier distressing includes simulated cracks and scuff marks. The weathered gray tones and white-washed finishes give floors a timeworn charm. Distressed wood luxury vinyl works in farmhouse, cottage, or transitional decor styles.

6. Chevron & Herringbone Vinyl Floor Patterns

Make a statement with the dramatic angles of chevron or herringbone vinyl plank flooring. The planks include angled ends that allow them to be installed in zig-zag or arrow patterns. Choose a bold, contrasting color palette for maximum visual impact. Use these dynamic floors to define separate spaces in open-concept homes. Chevron and herringbone floors look striking in modern or contemporary rooms with sleek, minimalist furnishings.

7. Black and White Vinyl Tile

Black and White Vinyl Tile

Sometimes, simple is best. Black and white vinyl tile floors have a classic, timeless elegance. Arrange the tiles in a checkerboard pattern or create contrasting borders and focal points. Black and white tiles look stunning in homes with transitional or contemporary designs. The high-contrast color scheme draws the eye while keeping the space light and airy. Black and white tile vinyl is an affordable way to get the look of natural stone tile or marble floors.

8. Vinyl Sheet Flooring with Embossed Patterns

vinyl sheet flooring

Choose vinyl sheet flooring with embossed patterns for a seamless, monochromatic look. The vinyl sheets come in solid colors with subtle textures like pebbles, linen, or concrete. Opt for beige, gray, or brown tones to mimic natural stone floors.

The textured vinyl sheets are durable, shock-absorbent, and quiet underfoot. Use embossed vinyl flooring in open layouts where you want continuous floors between rooms. The monochromatic look creates a soothing, unified aesthetic.

Tips for Selecting Vinyl Floor Patterns

When choosing vinyl flooring patterns, keep these tips in mind:

  • Complement your interior design style. Match traditional patterns like wood planks for rustic rooms and concrete, tile, or geometric vinyl for modern spaces.
  • Consider the size of the room. Busy patterns like chevrons or hexagons can overwhelm small spaces while they add interest in large open areas.
  • Find inspiration from furniture or upholstery in your room. Coordinate vinyl floor colors with your decor for a cohesive look.
  • Use floor patterns to define zones like kitchens or entryways.
  • Combining vinyl plank and tile patterns add appealing visual texture.


With so many colors, textures, and patterns, vinyl flooring offers design flexibility for every space. Carefully selecting the right pattern for your home creates a functional, durable, and beautiful foundation for your interior design. Use these popular vinyl flooring patterns to create an attractive look in your homes and offices.

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