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How to Choose Red Oak Stain Colors for Parquet Flooring?

red oak parquet flooring colors

It is true that the natural color of the wood in its natural state is charming, but there is bad news. This natural color will never remain the same. So, in order to keep your parquet flooring appealing for a long time, you have to color it with some other wood tones from time to time. You can change the entire style and grain pattern of your parquet wood floors by choosing specific stains.

For such people who are confused about choosing the right stain for their floors, this blog by is going to be very helpful. We have shortlisted some tips, tricks, and useful information that will aid you in choosing the best and the most relevant stain for your wooden parquet flooring. So, without wasting a second of your precious time, let us jump into the ocean of stains and find a perfect fit for your house and your floors.

Points To Consider When Choosing Red Oak Stain Colors For Parquet Flooring

parquet flooring - red oak colors

There are a lot of factors that directly involve when you are going to select a staining color for your red oak floors. Selecting the most appropriate stain color for parquet or vinyl flooring can be both a daunting and exciting task. But if you know all the tips and trips, then it will be a fun job for you.

Before making any final decision, you must go through this informative guide that will assist you in choosing the best stain for red oak flooring.

1. Area Of Application

Natural light coming from outside plays an important role in expressing the visuals of any hardwood flooring. Light can impartially change the appearance of floors throughout the day. Your floor may look different during the daytime as compared to the nighttime visuals.

In case you want a stain color for such wooden floors that are installed in rooms with a lot of sunlight, then choose wisely. As sunlight contains UV rays, these rays have harmful effects on the floor stain. Your red oak floor stain color can get faded in such a case. So, select a color that is fade-resistant and can endure the harshness of sunlight.

2. Wood Type

When selecting a stain, it is necessary to observe the type of wood from which your floor is made. Different types of wood flooring have different absorbing capabilities and can absorb the stain to variable extents.

For example, in the case of red oak, it is easy to stain because it absorbs the stain more quickly as compared to other wood types. On the other hand, for exotic wood types like pine or maple, it is difficult to stain them as they have pores and grains in them that obstruct the even distribution of stains.

3. Maintenance Routine

No matter whether you select a light-colored stain or a dark-colored stain, both will accumulate the same amount of scratches and dents. But the only difference here is the routine maintenance and cleaning approach of these two stain types.

For instance, if you choose light parquet flooring stains, they will not express the accumulated dust on them, but you can observe scratches and scuffs very easily. Unlike lighter-colored stains, the stains with dark colors can hide dents and scuff easily, but dust on these stains is easily visible.

4. Individual Way Of Living

Your lifestyle is also a vital factor when selecting the right stain for your parquet floors. Just like, if you have pets like a cat or dog that shed hair, you should go for darker stains because the dark colors tend to camouflage this situation more accurately as compared to lighter tones.

For people who are lazy at household chores like sweeping or cleaning the floors, stains with lighter colors are the perfect choice. The light stain will not show up the dust accumulation and will let you enjoy a complete feel of a tidy house.

5. Follow A Creative Approach

We recommend using classic stain colors if you want to sell your home shortly, as the classic bold and darker stains attract people more as compared to lighter colors. Using such red oak stain colors for parquet flooring helps you get more buyers and will increase the resale value of your property as well.

On the other hand, if you have a plan to enjoy your home’s atmosphere for the upcoming years, then go with a creative approach. Choose stains of different hues and create amazing geometric patterns that accomplish the presence of your existing furnishing items or interior design elements.

6. Take An Expert Opinion

Last but not the least. Taking an expert’s opinion in this regard will be quite fruitful for you. The trained professionals and competitive interior designers know well about color combinations and can create a really cozy environment in your space. So hiring a professional for this task will be the right decision and a beneficial option for you.

In the case that you are creative and believe in your capabilities, then you can even go with your own ideas as well. Give a touch of personalization to your floors and add versatility to your living space by selecting the right option.

The Verdict!

Undoubtedly, selecting the right stain color for your parquet or wood floors is not a straightforward task. This complete guide contains all the essential factors and tips that might help you figure out how to choose red oak stain colors for parquet flooring.

We believe that after reading this complete blog, you can choose the best satin color and create a really welcoming environment in your living space. Wishing you the best of luck with your future wooden floor staining projects.

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