10 Latest Hardwood Flooring Trends For 2024

When you are designing the interior of your house, you should be careful about the selection and installation of floor coverings. The interior designers and homeowners want to keep up with the modern trends so every room can look unique and memorable. Wood Flooring is the foundation of an interior design. In this article, we are going to look at the 10 latest hardwood flooring trends in Dubai for 2024.

Top 10 Latest Hardwood Flooring Trends:

1. Combined Wood Floors

A unique wood flooring idea is the use of multiple floor coverings in the same room. It can be made with two different parquettes having their own pattern. You can also combine wood and tiles, paint and wood, or other materials. 

Combined Wood Floors

Average cost if you buy?

The combined wooden flooring uses different wood materials like oak, beech, and teek including various patterns. Their prices range from $7 to $18 (25-66 AED) per square foot.

2. Black And White Wooden Flooring:

The vintage black and white wooden flooring gives a nostalgic feeling. These flooring brings back old memories. They give a graphic and luxurious look. People prefer these tiles for their homes. You can pot for smaller black tiles with bolder black graphic patterns. The black and white pattern combines the modernity and quality, creating a flawless appearance.

Elegantly contrasting black and white wooden flooring, adding a sophisticated and modern touch to the room's decor with a timeless monochromatic palette.

Average cost if you buy?

The black and white flooring is relatively cheaper than the other type of flooring options. This type of flooring is  timeless and attractive. Black and white flooring costs from $3 to $5 (11-18 AED) per square foot.

3. Bleached Wood Flooring

Many people do not like big brown stains on the wood flooring in Dubai. Some people choose the white and softer look for the floor look. This type of floor uses wood that goes under the bleaching process by applying chemicals to the wood to remove the natural color. The white wooden floor gives a whitewash look with the grains of the natural colors still visible to increase the natural beauty of the wooden floor. This is closely related to laminate flooring and you can read here our laminate flooring guide: 10 mistakes to avoid while installing laminate flooring

If you are planning to renovate your home, you should opt for wood flooring Dubai. Bleaching existing floors or replacing them with whitewashed wood floors is the best option that will suit your house well. This hardwood flooring trend in 2024 is going to be especially popular for classic style homes.

Bleached wood flooring creating a light and airy ambiance in the room, featuring a soft and muted color palette for a fresh and contemporary design.

Average cost if you buy?

Bleached wood flooring largely depends on the location and a few other conditions. But, generally it costs between $23 and $30 (91-110 AED).

4. Barn Board Flooring

The barn board wood flooring in Dubai remains a popular choice because of its aged looks and color variations. The 2024 barn board wood flooring trend is a continuation of the faux wood following trend from 2016. Homeowners who want to have a warm and rustic look for their homes should choose this flooring option. With the help of advanced technology, manufacturers now easily reproduce the look of real wood.

Rustic charm meets modern design with barn board flooring, adding character and warmth to your space with the authentic appeal of reclaimed wood.

Average cost if you buy?

Reclaimed barn board is an extremely popular choice and its pricing depends on various factors. On average, it costs from $5 to $20 (18-73 AED) per square foot.

5. Oak Wood Flooring

Oak wood flooring trend in 2024 is impossible to overlook. This type of flooring is quite popular among the homeowners as it upgrades their living space. Oak wood floors have high resistance to moisture and mechanical stress. Another benefit of oak wood is that it ages well. So, even if you have an old oak wood flooring, giving it proper care and maintenance can make it long lasting.

They are also available in different shades and are quite versatile. Oak woods are available with more knots or fewer knots depending on the sorting. More knots are a more rustic variant with long and classic wooden floorboards.

Average cost if you buy?

Oak flooring is widely available in various options like red oak, white oak. This makes them an affordable choice for flooring. The pricing of red and white oak ranges between $2 and $7 (7-25 AED) per square foot, on average. 

6. Cork Flooring

Cork will be particularly popular in trends of wood flooring in Dubai. This natural material is completely recyclable, supporting the sustainability in home design. The ecological properties ensure that the cork flooring can be used more frequently in the floor area. 

Insulation and footfall sound-insulation capability also contributes to the popularity of the material. Cork flooring is ideal for people with asthmatics and barefoot walkers as they are extremely elastic and easy on the joints.

Average cost if you buy?

The cork flooring cost depends on the type of wood being used, and the size of the room it is going to be installed. Cork flooring costs between $5 and $12 (18-44 AED)

7. Gray Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring trends have shifted towards the light colors. People are opting for gray wood floors that give a chalking experience. It shows a slight blue undertone with light grays when they are applied to the flooring. You can pair it with other cool tones colors in textiles and fabrics.

The demand for Taupe gray wood flooring in Dubai has been increasing in the last few years. They give the warmer and brown-gray toned floors. This color tone is an ideal choice as it can be used throughout the house.

For people who prefer gray tones, dark gray wood flooring is perfect for them as the color is versalite. It is also a popular choice for a family home.

Average cost if you buy?

Gray wood flooring adds value to your home with its sophisticated look. They are also available in different options that you can choose from. Usually it costs from $3 to $7 (11-25 AED).

8. Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

The wide plank hardwood flooring features single wide planks rather than the traditional narrow planks. These planks have a great influence because of their width. Wide planks have the wood’s natural grain and its variation. These planks are most suitable for homes and offices. Wide planks can help to achieve a smooth and contemporary look. These flooring trends give a strong footing for your interior.

Transform your space with the timeless elegance of wide plank hardwood flooring, featuring expansive boards that showcase the beauty of natural wood and create a classic, luxurious atmosphere.

Average cost if you buy?

The wide plank flooring is timeless and durable. They are more expensive than the other types of flooring. Wide planks can cost anywhere between $25 to $55 (91-201 AED).

9. Large Porcelain Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles have been quite popular. They are especially used in the kitchen or bathroom, they can also be used largely in the dining or living rooms. They can give stunning effects to any room. The large porcelain hexagon tiles feature a variety of sizes, textures, and floor colors that match well with each other.

Average cost if you buy?

Large porcelain hexagon tiles are one of the most used flooring in the house. They are a cost effective flooring option. These tiles can typically range from $9 to $12 (33-44 AED).

10. Laminate Wood Flooring

This beautiful flooring is more cost-effective and easy to install. You should be careful about the semi-gloss laminate models. This flooring method is gaining popularity and is more convenient to use. You can create various styles with laminate flooring.

Average cost if you buy?

Laminate wood flooring is an affordable and durable option. They are usually better than the chips or plain flooring. Their pricing varies from $2 to $8 (7-29 AED).


In conclusion, we have discussed the top 10 latest hardwood flooring trends for 2024. Hardwood flooring tips and tricks are also important for you to read. These flooring trends can help people to beautify the look of their homes. You can select one of the trends we have mentioned in the article for a rich, modern, and temporary look of your home. 

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