Why Your Carpet Is Buckling? 6 Reasons and How to Fix It

When the margins of your carpet curl and remain unlevel with the floor, this is known as carpet buckling. Buckling is also the term for when little pockets of air build up between the fibers of your carpet, causing it to rise unevenly in particular regions. Why Your Carpet Is Buckling? Excess moisture in the surroundings and heavy things being carried across the carpet cause the carpet to buckle.

You can solve this problem by re-stretching your carpet. That will help you remove the ripples. Controlling the humidity in your room and using the correct underpad to prevent carpet buckling.

When you purchase a carpet, it appears to be brand new. However, as time passes, the carpet will lose its quality and functionality. There are various symptoms that your carpet’s quality is deteriorating.

Top 6 Reasons For Why Your Carpet Is Buckling?

Buckled carpet will kill the overall charm and look of your stunning interior design. If your carpet is buckling and you are looking for a remedy, you have come to the right place. We will tell you how to recognize when your carpet buckles and how to solve this problem. Let’s look at these aspects one by one: Why Your Carpet Is Buckling?

1. Humidity & Environmental Changes

Carpet buckling

One of the most common causes of carpet buckling is high humidity because of the significant change in weather. The high humidity is absorbed by the carpet in humid areas, which causes it to swell.

When the moisture levels in the air return to normal, the carpet may lie flat again with no intervention in non-severe circumstances. In severe situations when the carpet is significantly buckled, action may be taken to eliminate all the ripples.

Use the air conditioners during summer to minimize the possibility of your carpet buckling in high humidity situations. Alternatively, you might use a dehumidifier to remove heat and moisture from the room.

2. Excessive Water

Carpet buckling

The other reason for Why Your Carpet Is Buckling? is maybe the too much water flowing through it. This will be caused by the water flooding or incorrect steam cleaning that is prone to stretching. It is preferable to give your carpets a professional cleaning rather than do this task yourself using a rented machine. It will cause your carpets to get over wet.

3. Poor Installation

Carpet buckling

Carpet buckling can happen because of improper carpet installation. When installing a wall-to-wall carpet, it must be stretched taut and then fixed in place using tack strips around the carpet’s corners. The carpet may get loose slightly if the installer did not stretch it tightly enough, causing it to get ripples.

A power stretcher should be used to stretch the carpet during installation to minimize the risks of buckling. If the carpet has been installed in a location where it was previously stored, for example, if it is being moved from an unheated warehouse to a heated home, then it should be given time to acclimate before being installed. This should reduce the chances of getting terrible results.

4. Dragging Heavy Furniture

Carpet buckling

The dragging of heavy furniture across the surface of the carpet is another major cause of Why Your Carpet Is Buckling. When a large object is dragged over the floor, it pulls on the carpet, causing it to stretch.

You must take precautions when moving furniture or other heavy items to avoid causing your carpet to buckle. It is preferable to raise and carry the item if it is possible. If the item is too heavy to be lifted entirely off the carpet, place it on two pieces of solid plywood.

Place one sheet on the carpet and “walk” the item onto the plywood using the other sheet. Then, in front of the first plywood sheet, set the second plywood sheet on the carpet and “walk” the item from the first to the second.

Lift the first sheet and position it in front of the second sheet. Once the object is on the second sheet, continue in this manner until the item has been moved to the desired place.

5. Delamination

Carpet buckling

Generally, the carpets feature two backings: a primary backing to which the fibers of the carpets are attached, and a secondary backing to which everything is held together and visible. Delamination happens when the latex adhesive breaks down and the secondary backing separates from the primary backing.

The top of the carpet is free to move and buckle when this happens. Delamination might happen because of a moist carpet or a manufacturing flaw. If you feel your carpet is defective, call your store or carpet manufacturer, who will probably dispatch someone to inspect what appears to be the major problem behind this problem.

6. Wrong Underpad

Carpet buckling

Why Your Carpet Is Buckling? It’s possible that using the wrong pad under the carpet will cause it to buckle. This can happen if the pad isn’t dense enough to hold the carpet fully, and the carpet becomes too flexible. To avoid this problem, the proper under-pad must be used under the carpet.

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How To Fix Carpet Buckling?

Carpet buckling

There are different methods used to fix the buckled carpet. Some of them are listed below:

  • If your carpet is still damp after washing, it’s best to let it dry fully before reinstalling it.
  • Use a power stretcher and ensure that the carpet is stretched properly during installation. As a result of this, your carpet will be less likely to buckle.
  • If you’re placing the carpet in a humid environment for most of the year, or if you’re dealing with frequent weather variations.
  • Then we recommend you acclimatize the carpet before laying it down.
  • To prevent carpet buckling even further, put a dehumidifier in the room to maintain a constant humidity level in the area where the carpet is installed. It will remove moisture from the room and, as a result, from the carpet.
  • You must take precautions while moving large furniture or other heavy items across the carpet. This can be a direct cause of your carpet buckles. In this situation, lifting and carrying the thing is the best option.
  • Carpet buckling might also occur if the proportions of your rug do not match the size of your space. In this instance, get a custom carpet that will fit your room completely.


In this article, we cover the complete guide of Why Your Carpet Is Buckling and how to fix them? Nobody wants their pricey, favorite carpet to buckle owing to minor errors that can be corrected quickly. To avoid carpet buckling for a long time, keep the factors stated above in mind. After all, prevention is better than cure. We hope this guide will help you deal with this situation. Stay connected with us to get more amazing ideas like this.

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